Tuesday, 7 January 2014


We wave farewell to 2013 and welcome in the New Year and a palette full of colour to brighten up even the dullest day.

Pastille and neon hues spring off the catwalks for S/S ’14, from soothing lavenders, sea green turquoises and grassy greens to baby blues and mellow yellow - A festival of colour – but how do they all work together?

There is a simple ‘tool’ and ‘rule’ I teach for colour use.

The TOOL is every make-up connoisseurs must have - the ‘Colour Wheel’

There are colours to compliment every skin tone, eye and hair colour. Embrace your colour wheel and understand the simple rule - Pick your colour and look at the opposite colour on the wheel to see what will compliment it and the hues of colour that surround it on the spectrum, for diversity and to make your eye colour ‘pop’.

For instance, if you have blue eyes, warm burnt orange tones will bring your eye colour to life – you may think orange? It’s not for me – so go for a copper brown and see how this theory works, or a russet blush?

Green and red work well as a team (think Christmas) Again, you may not favour a red shadow, but using a warm brown on the eye or a matte red lip that is still in the forefront of lipstick trends will make those green eyes ‘pop’.

Earthy Brown eyes are the most diverse eye colour and you lucky ‘peeps’ suit most shades. Try bringing out the golden tones and make your eyes appear more hazel, by adding purple to your mobile lid?

Have fun mixing and matching!

Now here comes the RULE …

The RULE - I have named this the ‘4 C’s’



DO pick hues of colour that blend well together and are pleasing on the eye, sticking with a couple of complimentary shades and their variety of tones.

DON’T mix too many colours on the face, think ‘eyes, cheeks, lips’ and make sure colours don’t clash! Play up the eyes, play down the lips and visa versa.

Key looks for this season:

  • Neon blue flashes of block colour on the lid, blended up into the socket line.
  • Matte neon orange, or red lips, blotted for lasting colour wear.
  • Keep your base make-up to a minimum, it’s about bare faced beauty as we head into Spring.

Lorraine x